Saturday, August 14, 1976

18cm '180mm' f2.7 ERNEMANN ERNOSTAR

18cm '180mm' f2.7 ERNEMANN ERNOSTAR

18cm '180mm' f2.7 ERNEMANN ERNOSTAR
by Lens & Repro

The HOLY GRAIL of "Speed" lenses. 18cm (180mm) f2.7 Ernemann Ernostar in barrel (no shutter) for 4x5.

Ernemann had its own lens design and manufacturing divisions within the company but relied heavily on the leading lens designers of C.P. Goerz and Carl Zeiss Jena which had the major portion of the market. However, Ernemann employed young designer, Ludwig Bertele, who would revolutionize the photographic industry with his high speed Ernostar lens. He later contributed the Sonnar and Biogon families of lenses to Zeiss Ikon.

The ideal way to use this would be on Sinar with Sinar shutter, or on a Speed Graphic w/focal plane shutter, or Graflex SLR (but in this configuration, it only focuses close --top of head to first button or closer), or on any view camera with either packard shutter or lens cap.
The lens is in very good condition, the glass is excellent for its age. It is of course, uncoated. We see maybe one every five years.

Ernostars are what all the other Pentac"s, Aero's, etc strive to be, but only the original has the incredible sharpness, & softness, fabulous out of focus areas, and long tonal scales.