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Introduction to DVD to Flash Converter
Wondershare DVD to Flash Converter is an ideal solution to convert DVD to Flash files, complete with different styles of Flash players, Flash Templates, various video effects and background music. With this wonderful Flash DVD Ripper, you can easily convert DVD to FLV (Flash Video), convert DVD to SWF and even convert DVD to screensaver. Wondershare DVD to Flash Converter also allows you to select DVD subtitle and language. The converted small sized Flash Video, SWF and screensaver can be easily shared with your friends and family by E-mail, FTP upload, or just regular storage devices. Download this
DVD to Flash converter software for free now and convert DVD to FLV and SWF to share your favorite movies with your friends and family!

Key Features
1. Convert DVD to Flash (FLV,SWF) with a Flash PlayerConvert DVD to FLV for Youtube, Myspace and Google video.
2. DVD option selectionAllow you to select subtitle and audio track.
3. Video effects with real time previewCustomize your DVD with a wide variety of special effects.
4. Video effects with real time preview.Custimize your video with a wide variety of special effefcts.
5. Flash Video templatesProvide you with built-in player templates of different styles and let you customize your own movie intro and movie end.
6. Upload Flash file to FTPAllow you to upload the converted Flash files to your FTP right after conversion.
7. Powerful video settingsAllow you to trim and crop video and adjust video effects.
8. Multiple output typesOutput your DVD to FLV, SWF (including generate an .html file), exe and even Screensaver.
9. Add links to your Flash Video Allow you to add customized links on the generated FLV and SWF files. You can customize a link as an image watermak or a text, or open a URL on mouse click and automatically open a URL after playback.
10. Play control buttons of various styles Supply 10+ play control buttons of all kinds of different styles that let you flexibly control the playback of the convert SWF and FLV.
Download DVD to Flash Converter for free....
Free Resources
1. Wondershare provides you with different styles of player templates and general templates to customize the converted FLV and SWF. Apart from the built-in templates, you can also download more templates from our website to add to the program.
Download free DVD to Flash templates
2. To let you easily watch your the converted FLV, Wondershare also provides you with various FLV players to play your FLV files.Download free FLV players
What's New
1. DVD to Flash Encoder 2.4.11 is available now (08/09/2007)Fixed some bugs.
2. DVD to Flash Encoder 1.0.0 is available now (06/10/2007)Fixed some minor bugs.
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System Requirements
1. Windows 2000/XP/2003
2. Pentium III/Athlon 500 MHz or above
3. 500MB Free Space or above
5. DirectX 8.1 or above
6. Macromedia Flash Player 8 or above
Why choose Wondershare DVD to Flash Converter?
1. Wondershare DVD to Flash Converter provides you with a wide variety of options to eidt your movie.
2. Wondershare DVD to Flash Converter is a powerful Flash DVD Ripper.
3. Wondershare DVD to Flash Converter can convert DVD to FLV and DVD to SWF.
Click here to read the step-by-step guide of Wondershare DVD to Flash Converter.